Grant Programs

How the Foundation Makes Grants

The Foundation’s annual granting falls under one of two categories:

  • Economy and Environment Program: directed to projects that help achieve the Foundation’s primary program objectives.
  • Foundation-Initiated Grants: projects deemed to have strategic value by Foundation staff or significant importance to Foundation Directors.

The Economy and Environment Program is the primary focus of the Ivey Foundation and the only program open to funding proposals. The Foundation will only review grant proposals invited by staff. The Foundation reaches out directly to Canadian organizations focused on economy and environment initiatives willing to work collaboratively on pragmatic solutions that support the Foundation’s mission.

We appreciate your respect for this process and the limited capacity we have to respond to unsolicited inquiries.

If you have been invited by the Foundation staff to submit a proposal, please note the following:

  1. The Foundation does not accept hard copies of proposals. All proposals must be submitted through our web portal. Access is granted through an invitation to make a proposal.
  2. The Foundation only grants to Canadian registered charitable organizations.

Economy and Environment Program

Ivey’s Economy and Environment Program supports Canada’s transition to a sustainable economy by identifying opportunities to enhance resource efficiency, foster innovation and advance the field of sustainable finance. Learn More.

Foundation-Initiated Grants

Every year, a select number of grants are made to projects deemed to have strategic value by Foundation senior staff (Strategic Opportunity grants) or to be of significant importance to Foundation Directors (Director-initiated grants). Applications are not accepted for Foundation-Initiated Grants.

To see previous years’ Foundation-initiated grants, please view our Annual Reports.

Policy on Overhead and Administration Fees

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