How Ivey Foundation Makes Grants

The Economy and Environment Program is the primary focus of Ivey Foundation. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Staff reach out directly to Canadian charitable organizations focused on economy and environment initiatives willing to work collaboratively on pragmatic solutions that support the Foundation’s mission. We appreciate your respect for this process and the limited capacity we have to respond to unsolicited inquiries.
The Foundation only supports Canadian registered charitable organizations.

Economy and Environment Program

Ivey Foundation's Economy and Environment Program supports innovative organizations in their work to develop a low carbon economy in Canada. The Foundation is looking to a net-zero future and focusing on pathways to support this transition.
Ivey Foundation's Economy and Environment Program prioritizes projects and initiatives that:
  • Accelerate progress on priority pathways to net-zero, including increasing energy efficiency, mass electrification and grid integration, decarbonizing and doubling electricity supply and initiating targeted transition efforts in specific sectors.
  • Are oriented towards efforts that strategically integrate research and knowledge mobilization collaboration, convening and a strong emphasis on communications.
  • Strengthen, integrate and promote collaboration across the ecosystem of leading net-zero organizations in Canada with a priority focus on core Foundation partners.
  • Promote the adoption of economy-wide policies, standards and systems in order to secure the public and private sector action and investment necessary to support the net-zero transition in Canada.
  • Enhance public engagement with targeted initiatives that help build a broad-based, inclusive national consensus for the adoption of net-zero policies and programs.

The Economy and Environment Program will continue to be Ivey Foundation's sole granting program as the Foundation winds up operations by 2027. To learn more about the Economy and Environment Program, please download our Strategic Framework. To learn more about our decision to wind up the Foundation, read our open letter.