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Canada’s Long-Term Plan Sets a Course for a Strong, Resilient Recovery

By: Bruce Lourie and Richard Florizone for

In its Speech from the Throne, the Government of Canada charted an important path forward, setting the course for clean economic growth.

Liberals outline environmental goals

Bruce Lourie interview with CBC News Network

CBC News Network’s Carole MacNeil spoke with Bruce Lourie, President of the Ivey Foundation, about the Liberal government’s environmental plan outlined in the throne speech.

Task Force calls for billions in ‘green spending’ to juice post-COVID recovery

By Terry Haig for Radio Canada International

An independent task force is calling on the federal government to invest $55 billion over five years on clean energy projects and measures to cope with climate-change as the country struggles to work its way out of the havoc brought by COVID-19.

Task Force calls on federal government to spend billions on a ‘green recovery’

By Salimah Shivji for CBC News

“In Canada, whenever people hear ‘green’, they think it’s some marginal little thing that environmentalists talk about,” said Lourie. “But the reality is the world is moving to clean energy. The world is moving to electric vehicles and Canada is falling behind.”

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything – but our sacrifices led to something hugely important

Bruce Lourie interview with CJAD 800 AM

Dr. Bruce Lourie, the president of the Ivey Foundation & event moderator & Dr. Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State and director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center (ESSC) discusses lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

O’Toole’s climate plan has a carbon price – just don’t call it a tax

By: Bruce Lourie for

Canada now has many well-established organizations that bring together energy experts, businesses, academia and governments working on the major climate change solutions, including organizations focused on energy efficiency, the hydrogen economy, electrification, sustainable finance, engaging farmers, and more.

Many of these groups, I am sure, would welcome an opportunity to help Erin O’Toole put more meat on the bones and give the Conservative Party a solid plan “to contribute meaningfully to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Canada: departure of finance minister suggests Trudeau will pursue ‘green’ recovery plan

By: Tracey Lindeman for The Guardian

This is the time, said Lourie, for the Liberals to show leadership by pitching an economic model that delivers on the country’s environmental responsibilities.

Task Force for a Resilient Recovery releases preliminary report

The Task Force has released its preliminary report, which includes 5 bold moves and 22 recommendations to ensure a resilient recovery from COVID-19.

Interview: CBC The Current

Bruce Lourie interview with CBC The Current

Ivey Foundation President Bruce Lourie discusses why Canada needs a resilient recovery from COVID-19 and the 5 bold moves recommended by the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery. Tune in at the 35:36 mark to listen.

Ottawa and Alberta collaborating to accelerate development of Canada’s hydrogen economy

By: Mark Lowey for Research Money

Momentum is growing among governments, industry, researchers and innovators to build a transformative and clean hydrogen economy in Canada.

Ivey Foundation releases 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, Ivey Foundation continued to support Canada’s transition to a sustainable economy, work that has become more urgent than ever in the wake of COVID-19. Click here to read the Annual report. You can read the Chair’s Report here and read the President’s Report here.

Ivey Foundation named a 2020 RIA Leadership Awards Advocacy Finalist for building sustainable finance capacity in Canada (June 2020)

The Ivey Foundation launched its Economy and Environment Program in 2015 to support Canada’s transition to a sustainable economy by identifying opportunities to enhance resource efficiency, foster innovation and advance the field of sustainable finance.

Ottawa’s new climate reporting requirement is good for business (June 2020)

By: Andrea Moffat and Stewart Elgie for Policy Options

Here are four ways it can help position firms for cleaner performance and competitiveness post-COVID-19, as part of the large employer loans program.

The pressure’s on for Trudeau to use COVID-19 relief to fight climate change. But how? (May 2020)

By: Adam Radwanski for The Globe and Mail

Environmental advocates and businesses are peppering Ottawa with ideas about everything from electric vehicles to clean power grids and buildings. But which ideas will gain the most momentum when the time comes to spend that money?

Why Don’t Humans Take Meaningful Action Sooner? (April 2020)

Bruce Lourie interview with Public Policy Forum

In the fourth episode of our Policy Speaking podcast, host Edward Greenspon is joined by Bruce Lourie, President of the Ivey Foundation to discuss the speed of the response to COVID-19 and how it can inform Canada’s battles with further public health risks and climate change.

The risks of COVID-19: Why humans act too slowly in the face of danger (April 2020)

By: Bruce Lourie for

Hindsight is always 20/20, as the adage goes. The takeaway from COVID-19 is: How can foresight be improved to minimize health risks by taking aggressive, early actions? I am writing this not to be critical of governments in Canada or abroad (though I am), as much as to explain the reasons why humans are inherently reluctant to invoke strong measures that are in our own long-term self-interest.

An illuminating look at what Doug Ford just did to Ontarians’ energy bills (June 2018)

By: Bruce Lourie for

Scrapping cap and trade and the Green Ontario Fund will do nothing to lower electricity rates, what it will do is cause huge disruption and costs to Ontario businesses.

Trans Mountain is a false fight in the fair transition to a low carbon economy (June 2018)

By: Peter Kendall and Dr. Bruce Lourie

Minister Morneau made a tough decision in the federal government’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Pipeline conflicts are over a decade in the making and are ripe for the blame game.

Without EU Regulations on chemicals, the UK will be a toxic dumping ground (June 2017)

By: Bruce Lourie for The Guardian

There are two scenarios for chemical regulation in post-Brexit Britain. The choice from an environmental, health and safety perspective appears obvious, however the option appears unlikely to be taken.

No one can make electricity cheap again (February 2017)

By: Bruce Lourie for The Star

No politician can snap their fingers and make electricity instantaneously cheaper – at least not without making it simultaneously more expensive for all of us down the road.


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