The risks of COVID-19: Why humans act too slowly in the face of danger April 3rd 2020

By: Bruce Lourie for

An illuminating look at what Doug Ford just did to Ontarians’ energy bills (June 2018)

By: Bruce Lourie for

Scrapping cap and trade and the Green Ontario Fund will do nothing to lower electricity rates, what it will do is cause huge disruption and costs to Ontario businesses.

Trans Mountain is a false fight in the fair transition to a low carbon economy (June 2018)

By: Peter Kendall and Dr. Bruce Lourie

Minister Morneau made a tough decision in the federal government’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Pipeline conflicts are over a decade in the making and are ripe for the blame game.

Without EU Regulations on chemicals, the UK will be a toxic dumping ground (June 2017)

By: Bruce Lourie for The Guardian

There are two scenarios for chemical regulation in post-Brexit Britain. The choice from an environmental, health and safety perspective appears obvious, however the option appears unlikely to be taken.

No one can make electricity cheap again (February 2017)

By: Bruce Lourie for The Star

No politician can snap their fingers and make electricity instantaneously cheaper – at least not without making it simultaneously more expensive for all of us down the road.


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